The code for all this is available here.

Today I’m happy to take a deep dive into the architecture of Diffgram’s Open Annotation UI. This is intended for people who are curious about VueJS at scale.

First let’s set the stage. This is a project that started nearly 3 years…

I’m really excited to introduce Userscripts.

What if you could use any Machine Learning model to improve training data? For free? Introducing Userscripts.

What is it?

Userscripts are JavaScript (JS). The high level idea is that we can build custom functions inside Diffgram. Here are some examples of what you can achieve:

Let’s start with why we exist — why we are passionate about Diffgram.

We believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be in every system because it automates knowledge tasks — leading to more creative work and multiplying the effectiveness of rare knowledge. Without supervision, AI Deep Learning systems don’t work. We create software for AI supervision.

Improving Training Data simultaneously helps improve Health care by extending doctors reach, improves Agriculture harvesting to feed more people, and extends top sports coaches knowledge to aspiring players. The faster we can improve and adopt Training Data the faster the adoption of these applications.

Once upon a time I was working with digital marketing. There was a big meeting. How do I know it was a big meeting? Well we had to fly to the nearest major city (Calgary) to participate. Why were we there? While despite being located in one of the smallest…

Anthony Sarkis

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