Budget cuts? On Labelbox? Upgrade to Diffgram today!

If you are looking to scale your operations or cut back on expenses Labelbox is great place to cut.

By moving to Open Source Diffgram you can reduce the software cost to $0. Or by moving to Diffgram Enterprise you can maintain Enterprise support expected from Labelbox (well actually even better 😉), and get Unlimited annotations, for a similar price. That’s right, no cost increases and worries about annotation restrictions.

Plus Diffgram has deeply integrated ML concepts that can help replace some of your Labelbox ML engineering spend.

Now you might be wondering how hard it is to actually migrate? Well we made it really easy. In fact you can upgrade from your legacy Labelbox installation to a modern Diffgram community install in one click, including copying over your existing Schema, files, annotations, and more.




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