I’m working on categorizing problem solving methods. If you see one I have missed please comment!

Order is for ease of reference only and does not imply any other meaning.

  1. Divide problem into two parts until solved (divide and conquer, recursively)
  2. Visualize problem
  3. Find or use an Example
  4. Inverse / counter point
  5. Guess and check, especially around testing assumptions / similar examples
  6. Search for existing knowledge
  7. Reference generally related material / nearby material
  8. Collaboration
  9. Weighting / voting
  10. Thought experiment
  11. Iteration (on existing progress)
  12. Naive, iterate through all known possible angles
  13. Create additional constraints / ignore part of the problem
  14. Do the opposite of what you have been doing

Some of these may be overly broad. For example Collaboration is a catch all for almost anything involving other people.