SuperAnnotate vs Diffgram

SuperAnnotate vs Diffgram Alternative


  • Diffgram is open source, whereas SuperAnnotate is closed source
  • Diffgram is tech first, whereas SuperAnnotate is an outsourcing company (human labor) first.
  • Diffgram has greater media type support: Image, Video, Text, 3D, GEO and more.
  • Diffgram has positive reviews on multiple platforms, SuperAnnotate has positive reviews on some platforms and, oddly, zero reviews on others.
  • Diffgram is a business first, SuperAnnotate is a VC balloon — think of companies like Fast that shutdown without notice. For example here is one of their claims…. Just hope they don’t try and sell you a perpetual motion machine…
Real marketing ad from SuperAnnotate with False claim of 15000 full time annotators and “Infinite Scalability”… For real scale see Diffgram scale.
  • With Diffgram you can customize nearly everything and run it on your hardware, SuperAnnotate has only limited support for this.


Diffgram rated well on multiple platforms. SuperAnnotate only rated well one some…

Tech vs Outsourcing

All Media Types

Diffgram Geo (COG), 3D LiDAR/DICOM, Text Annotation

Technology Architecture

Open Source vs Closed Source

Grassroots Business not Venture Balloon



  • Open source
  • Tech first
  • Real reviews
  • More Media Types
  • Grassroots Business
  • Engineered to Empower Your Team


  • Closed Source
  • Outsourcing First
  • Questionable Reviews
  • Less Media Types
  • VC backed may fail any day
  • “One size fits all”

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