SuperAnnotate vs Diffgram

Anthony Sarkis
4 min readApr 29, 2022

Are you in the market for Training Data Tools? Comparing many Data Labeling options?

Diffgram is the Best SuperAnnotate Alternative in 2022.

SuperAnnotate vs Diffgram Alternative


Diffgram: 🌎 Grassroots, Open Source, Tech Company, Ethical

SuperAnnotate: 🤑 , Closed Source, Outsourcing, Questionable

  • Diffgram is open source, whereas SuperAnnotate is closed source
  • Diffgram is tech first, whereas SuperAnnotate is an outsourcing company (human labor) first.
  • Diffgram has greater media type support: Image, Video, Text, 3D, GEO and more.
  • Diffgram has positive reviews on multiple platforms, SuperAnnotate has positive reviews on some platforms and, oddly, zero reviews on others.
  • Diffgram is a business first, SuperAnnotate is a VC balloon — think of companies like Fast that shutdown without notice. For example here is one of their claims…. Just hope they don’t try and sell you a perpetual motion machine…
Real marketing ad from SuperAnnotate with False claim of 15000 full time annotators and “Infinite Scalability”… For real scale see Diffgram scale.
  • With Diffgram you can customize nearly everything and run it on your hardware, SuperAnnotate has only limited support for this.

When you combine SuperAnnotate’s human labor background, closed source nature, beholden to venture capital, and lack of customization, I believe Diffgram is the superior choice.

Diffgram, is open source, focused on tech, a business first, and engineered to empower your team. This yields much stronger results over time for customers like yourself.

Let’s dive in!


Both Diffgram and SuperAnnotate have positive reviews.

Diffgram has positive reviews on both G2 crowd and Gartner’s Capterra.

SuperAnnotate has an unusual volume of recent reviews on G2 and zero reviews on Capterra at time of writing.

Diffgram rated well on multiple platforms. SuperAnnotate only rated well one some…

I will leave it to you to draw your own conclusions between the nature of a company pushing so hard on one platform and having zero reviews on another.

Tech vs Outsourcing

Diffgram has more support for overall machine learning process flow. For example creating those conditional flows crosscut between modeling, data pipelines, and human workflow.

As an outsourcing firm first SuperAnnotate’s docs are centered around the literal annotation and human workflow only.

All Media Types

Diffgram has support for Images, Video, Text, 3D, Geo, and more coming soon (Audio, Timeseries, and more).

Super Annotate has only support for images and video and limited support for text.

Diffgram Geo (COG), 3D LiDAR/DICOM, Text Annotation

Technology Architecture

From the technical architecture perspective Diffgram is about empowering your team to create solutions whereas SuperAnnotate is a bit more of a “one true path” approach.

To illustrate this consider the contrast of diffgram userscripts and customization approaches compared to their model training and fixed UI.

SuperAnnotate is a “trust us it’s cloud” company whereas Diffgram offers many self install options for improved cyber security. Basically if your data is on SuperAnnotate it’s vulnerable, an open door to any serious hacker group, but on Diffgram you can secure it using your own hardened network.

Open Source vs Closed Source

Zooming out further, their core tech is closed source whereas Diffgram is fully open source.

Grassroots Business not Venture Balloon

Diffgram is a grassroots business. SuperAnnotate is in a different position financially with different VC expectations. I believe Diffgram is more similar to many established firms like yours where we are a business first and VC growth second.



  • Open source
  • Tech first
  • Real reviews
  • More Media Types
  • Grassroots Business
  • Engineered to Empower Your Team


  • Closed Source
  • Outsourcing First
  • Questionable Reviews
  • Less Media Types
  • VC backed may fail any day
  • “One size fits all”

For more marketing myth busting see SuperAnnotate page.

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