The ChatGPT Affect

Will ChatGPT make Google obsolete? How will new AI perceptions affect your business?

Anthony Sarkis
4 min readJan 11


I say perception because it is a modern Keynesian Beauty Contest. It doesn’t matter if ChatGPT will or won’t, it matters that people think it could. This carries over to expectations in your business too. All art in this article is from generative AI, text is written by myself (not ChatGPT).

DALL-E Impression of a glowing orb.

How do these new AI perceptions and expectations affect your business? What does it mean for your core business to depend on AI/ML technologies? These questions are especially relevant to large companies and technology providers who service large companies.

One way to think about it is that the baseline expectation for automation is continuing to evolve. Ultimately, the primary thing changing is the expectation of what is “one-off” by a human and what is done by the computer.

ChatGPT clearly shows a human preference for getting an answer vs a list of links that may or may not have the answer. This can be dangerous, for example placing yet more trust in the system instead of clear attribution, but still, it appears to remain a popular desire. Again, it is the desire. In the same way, digital forms can introduce problems that paper forms don’t have, yet our preference for digital forms remains.

Expectations for automation are continuing to evolve.

The bottom line is it’s a change. So like any change, how do you take advantage of the opportunity, or at least protect against the downside? In the same way, you ask your staff to do more with less, to improve continually, we all know the business must do the same.

Despite the challenges, there is a need to both ship the current mission today and build the foundation of tomorrow. Think how much your revenue will depend on these new customer expectations one, three, and five years from now.

Five years from now will an automaker be able to sell a new car that doesn’t have some form of AI driver assist?

Will your current product line be prosperous with no AI features?

“missing feature illustration” as generated by

When your core business depends on these AI technologies there are a variety of extra challenges. For modern supervised cases that use some form of labeled data (ChatGPT being just one example), there is a great need for new tooling. Training Data is often not glamorous, but it’s the nut and bolts, the plumbing, that makes modern AI work.

Will your product be prosperous with no AI features?

As you may have already experienced, typical AI/ML tooling providers aren’t designed for companies whose core business uses AI. When your overall growth, revenue, and reputation depend on AI, you have a different set of concerns.

Fundamentally you both need the best tools available, and to have your staff strongly involved in the development, maintenance, and operation of those tools.

Like any important part of your business, there must be strong internal competency. At Diffgram we understand this. We are here to deeply engage with you and your teams, across functions, to support your needs. To support you in delivering AI Upgrades to your existing product line to protect existing revenue, and to ship novel AI products for new revenue.

So to recap, it’s clear that having a serious modern AI strategy is needed for any technology-based business, which is any notable business today.

“smart menu website for restaurant on phone, minimal, higth resolution, ui, ux, v4, stylize 50” “ui/ux website for a company that sells sites 16k high quality modern” by Midjourney

Do you have challenging and evolving needs around your AI/ML data?

At Diffgram we engineer solutions to the world’s toughest AI data challenges. We also maintain the commercial standard in open source training data. We are known for our customer-focused solutions, deep integration approaches, expertise in innovation alongside your team, and reputation for agility.

Please contact us to discuss your bespoke needs. We are here to support you in your business-critical modern AI/ML.